Log Houses – Range of delivery

Delivery zone and cost of Closed Raw State of Log Cabin (without heating and electrical installation).

Whole construction elements (log walls and roof skeleton) are carved and directed 4 times, proofing twice using invisible FOBOS product ( fireproof, mold less, infestation, no insects), beginning of color paint chosen from pallet of colors.

What is included in the log house set:

  1. Technology description necessary for manufacturer.

  2. Outside walls: 55.118 x 94.448 inch log

  3. Inside walls: 47.244 x 94.448 inch log (first floor)

  4. Roof skeleton – without roofing, tiling, patches, counter patches, roof windows and sprockets.

  5. Roofing paper.

  6. Building summits – construction and high boards.

  7. Support pillar.

  8. Porch elements.

  9. 4 times curved roofing boards.

  10. Complete carpentry ( without under basement installation): outside doors paint completion, inside doors secured by single invisible impregnation, windows, balcony doors. Sprat windows – single frame, 3 layers glued, natural outside layers, window panes painted hydrodynamic (without basements).

  11. Outside decoration hoops on windows and outside doors.

  12. First floor shutters.

  13. Division wall construction of attic.

  14. Integration elements of building montage.

  15. Honeycombed wall elements – secured by single invisible impregnation.

  16. Attic blind floor without scraping and painting.

  17. Ground floor – pine boards without joist and fitting, according to design.

  18. Lower balcony railing (if included in design).

  19. Inside windowsills.

  20. Outside decoration elements are fit into chosen design and region – individual decision.

  21. Costs of construction elements, transportation, transportation and stay of the work crew in range of Poland.